Five Questions For: Diller, Scofidio + Renfro

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Dec 10, 2012 11:03PM What’s your definition of design?

Charles Renfro: Design…Design is everything around us that’s made. 

Elizabeth Diller: Design is the reconciliation of architecture. 

Ricardo Scofidio: Design is about extending a body. What design object do you live with that you couldn’t live without? 

CR: It’s boring, but my phone. 

ED: Oh boy—it was my raincoat but I lost it. I’m still grieving. I guess, but is it that you can’t live without it because it’s designed or is it just you can’t live without your phone? 

CR: You’re overthinking it. 

ED: I have to say the same thing. 

RS: 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV. Can you share your favorite design book, periodical, or blog? 

ED: You know, I still look at Domus

RS: I’m going go to a website called Next Nature

CR: I have to say Triple Canopy What’s your favorite piece being exhibited here at Design Miami/?

 RS: We haven’t had to the chance to go through. In your own personal space or spaces, how do design objects and fine art relate?

ED: We make buildings that move, so to us scale is of no object. Everything we do is equally meaningful, large and small things. 

CR: Yeah, I actually have art in my house, which is a little unusual for us in our buildings. We wouldn’t put things on the walls, but I love these objects. They speak to me about ideas. 

ED: The categories of art and design are old fashioned, we think. And therefore, even having a tent for design and a tent for art, seems like it’s preserving those boundaries where our work tries to cross borders and tries to dissolve the boundaries. And especially this new project, Culture Shed, which is specifically geared toward reconnecting visual art, performing arts, and creative industry.

Portrait courtesy of Peter Ash Lee.

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