Five Questions For: Vito Acconci What’s your definition of design?
Vito Acconci: I used to really hate the idea of design. I thought design was for rich people and was to make unnecessary things. But I’ve certainly changed my mind. I think the kind of design I’m most attracted to is the kind of design that brings together different kinds of functions, almost like a mashing together of things that could be from almost different kinds of sources, different kinds of becomings. So that it’s not so niche, it’s a forcing together. What design object do you live with that you couldn’t live without?
VA: I don’t know if there’s anything actually. Yeah, I really don’t. Can you share your favorite design book, periodical, or blog?
VA: Bernard Rudofsky's Architecture Without Architects and Phaidon's current 10 x 10 series. What’s your favorite piece being exhibited here at Design Miami/?
VA: I haven’t had a chance to look at all. In your own personal space or spaces, how do design objects and fine art relate?
VA: There are no fine art objects [in my personal space]. There’s nothing in the studio or in my home; it’s a very small apartment in Chinatown [New York]. There’s no real design either.
Portrait courtesy of Gesi Schilling.