Five Very Different Shows at Five Great Galleries

Artsy Editorial
Nov 22, 2013 4:29PM

This Friday, follow five more galleries, ranging geographically from Los Angeles to London. Just as diverse are inspirations behind their current shows: the civil rights movement, Icelandic topographies, Windows OS, the California coast, and Italian masterpieces.

Hales Gallery: Located in London’s East End, Hales Gallery shows a range of British and International contemporary artists. Currently on view is “Frank Bowling: Map Paintings 1967-1971”, part of an ongoing series of exhibitions dedicated to Bowling. The show features works the artist painted during his active role in civil rights movements in New York, leading into his 1971 solo show at the Whitney.

Denny Gallery: New York’s Denny Gallery, located in SoHo, shows work by emerging and mid-career interdisciplinary artists who address contemporary issues, material and technology. In their current show “Windows”, they show works by Trudy Benson, Jeremy Couillard, Mariah Dekkenga, Michael Dotson, Christopher Learey, Jason Stopa, and Russell Tyler, all of whom were born around 1980, when the Windows operating system was first released. The artists show works that are influenced by their formation as artists in the early stages of the digital realm.

C. Grimaldis Gallery: Located in downtown Baltimore, C. Grimaldis Gallery is the city’soldest contemporary art gallery, and specializes in postwar American and European art, and contemporary sculpture. While he is known for his metal casting sculptures in his newest show, “John Ruppert: The Iceland Project”, Ruppert has turned to photography. These powerful photographs of Icelandic topographies address dialogues between nature and industry found throughout his work.

Just Art Gallery: Just Art Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island specializes in painting, sculpture and photography from established Italian artists as well as emerging contemporary artists. Now on view at the gallery is “Behind Still Life - The Silence of Color (Part II) by Matthias Brandes”, the second part of a trilogy dedicated to the Italian painter. Brandes’s egg-white and oil-on-tempera paintings employ the artist’s unique figurative language, inspired by multiple Italian masters.

Western Project: Los Angeles gallery Western Project shows contemporary art from emerging and mid-career artists. The gallery’s current show, “Daniel Brice: New Paintings and Works on Paper”, the artist’s third solo show at the gallery, includes several large-scale, multi-layered paintings reflecting the beauty of California landscapes. Brice’s minimal, abstract, color-field works express the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean in deep blues, and rich red and orange evoke valleys and rocky terrain.

Artsy Editorial