Flashback to the ’90s - Jack Hanley

Artsy Editorial
Mar 4, 2013 8:08PM

Insights from a dealer at the inaugural ‘94 Armory Show, which was held at the Gramercy Park Hotel, thus its original name, The Gramercy International Art Fair:

“I remember having a room at the first Gramercy Fair. I had Nayland Blake in my bed, in a bunny suit. People would come in and take photos, with our disposable cameras,of themselves in bed with Nayland. Jack Pierson had also given me a great word piece, FREE, which was over the bed. Jay Jopling had Tracey Emin in his bed. There was a flower show on the rooftop of The Gramercy Hotel at the same time, so I kept running into strange, old flower show people in the stairway and elevators. Very trippy. The Gramercy Fair was also where I first met Tomio Koyama and Murakami. And Jeffrey Deitch had this dressy cocktail party in his booth, complete with women in sequins, serving champagne. It all was very reminiscent of touring with bands and staying in weird hotels. At The Gramercy Fair, however, there were good visuals and the elevator was slow, which allowed for funny encounters. Just really great fun. I think I even sold stuff.” —Jack Hanley, Dealer

Tracey Emin and Jay Jopling, with Emin’s work Hotel International, at the Gramercy International Art Fair in 1994. Courtesy of Tracey Emin.

Artsy Editorial