Follow Friday: Artists from Across the Globe Congregate in London

It’s not only Frieze Week that brings an international art crowd to the streets of London. These five London galleries represent artists from all over the world whose practices encompass a wide array of media, content, and technique.
Before making its permanent home in London, Hus hosted pop-up exhibitions in New York, Miami, L.A., Venice, and Monaco. They further this global outlook through a group of artists that includes figurative painters like the Belgian and the South Korean , British photographer , and the 26-year-old British mixed-media artist . The gallery currently presents a group show, “Human Interface,” which explores how digital platforms affect art and culture, showing the works of , , and , among others.
Founded in 1960, Annely Juda Fine Art exhibits works by avant-garde powerhouses of the , , and movements, as well as pieces by contemporary figures like , , , and . This week they show a suite of drawings by at Frieze Masters, while at the gallery visitors are treated to “The Last Sculptures,” a tribute to the late
Rook & Raven’s dedication to painting and sculpture unites the myriad backgrounds of the artists it represents, including British ceramist and painter , 24-year-old Chinese painter , the textile-based Colombian artist , British graffiti artist-turned-abstract painter , and Israeli painter . Now on view is “Material Identity,” a group show featuring , , and , among others.
In keeping with its goal of fostering cultural exchange, Gallery Nosco brings a number of artists from South America—among them Brazilians and , and Colombian —onto the London scene, along with a host of European and American artists. Through this weekend the gallery shows “Repentista II,” an exhibition featuring , , , , and .
Vigo presents work from artists like Emirati painter , whose work they showed at last year’s Untitled Art Fair, Russian architectural sculptor , and , alongside the textural forms of Zimbabwean and Americans and . Much of the gallery’s diverse roster can be found in their current exhibition, “Brand New Second Hand.”