Follow Friday, Design Miami/ Basel Edition

Having trouble picking your favorites? This Friday, we point you toward four designers showing at Design Miami/ Basel who we think you might love.
1. : For Design Miami Basel/ 2013, famed Brazilian furniture designers Fernando and Humberto Campana—the Campana Brothers—teamed up with FENDI’s in-house fur atelier to create a handcrafted chair from Kidassia goat fur. On view at Galleria O. Rome.
2. : Parisian designer Mathias Kiss’s work is built around timeless stylistic references and experimentation, effortlessly combining traditional craft and with contemporary experimentation and materials. On view at Armel Soyer.
3. : Florian Borkenhagen builds irreverent pieces out of adapted domestic devices. Joining sacred objects with moving parts, he skewers both religious tradition and modern inventions. On view at Gabrielle Ammann // Gallery.
4. : Fascinated by polyhedron geometry, Danish furniture designer Rasmus Fenhann created the Kubo table, made of elm and glass, based off of the geometry of the polyhedron. On view at Galerie Maria Wettergren.