Follow Friday: Emerging Contemporary to Old Masters, From East Hampton to New Mexico

While each of this week’s Follow Friday galleries focuses generally on art made in the last century, these galleries are diverse in their offerings. You’ll find everything from Japanese photography to to blue-chip collector artists like and .
Founded by former Wall Street trader Howard Shapiro, this gallery’s focus includes both international movements like L’ecole de Paris and Latin American surrealism, as well as American , , WPA work, and early modernism. Among their represented artists are collaborator , and , whose works echo . Currently on view is “George Mann: The Vaudeville Years,” a unique exhibition of photographs taken by Mann while he was a vaudeville performer; he took more than 12,000 images during the ’30s, and the gallery has selected 40 of them to showcase at its East Hampton location. 
Based in Palm Desert, California, this gallery includes everything from to and contemporary art and design, hosting unique parallel exhibitions that often display these disparate works alongside one another. On view until September 20th is “Masters of California Impressionism,” featuring (dubbed “the Dean of Southern California Landscape Painters”) and Hungarian-American painter .
With its unique 10,000-square-foot space in Santa Fe’s historic Railyard District, this gallery exhibits contemporary artists both emerging and established, championing both young talents and blue-chip collector favorites. Among the gallery’s extensive roster are pieces by , , , and . On the gallery’s represented roster is architectural minimalist painter , as well as fantastical semi-figurative painter . Currently on view, in collaboration with Tokyo’s Mizuma Art Gallery, is “Impacts!,” a Japanese contemporary art group show that includes paintings from , , and the sculptures of , among many others.
This contemporary art gallery represents emerging and mid-career artists, among them , the curator and proprietor of the gallery as well as a photographer whose images focus on the dynamism and geometry of modern cities. Also represented is , whose fragmented portraiture raises questions of identity and existential anxiety. The gallery recently hosted a show of Moskowitz’ own work, “Counterform.”
Devoted entirely to photography, this Japanese gallery produces prints, books, and portfolios of limited-edition, photo-based works, focusing on classic techniques like platinum-palladium printing, a process that has been used for more than 200 years. With offerings from classic American photographers, like and , as well as Japanese masters like and , amanasalto both preserves photography’s rich traditions and also makes Japanese photographers available to a larger audience. An exhibition of new works from was recently shown, showcasing the artist’s staged, poignant still lifes of fossilized archeological remnants.