Follow Friday: Five Longtime Galleries Celebrate Their 19th, 25th, 30th, 35th, and 36th Anniversaries

With nearly 150 years of experience between them, these five galleries have been in the business long enough to know the ins and outs of the art world. From Australia to Germany to the American West, these mainstays continue to collect an impressive array of modern and contemporary artworks from icons and mid-career innovators alike.
The Leipzig-based Galerie Kleindienst showcases German artists whose works are often visually or conceptually provocative, like those of , who creates otherworldly, romantic feminine scenes using the ancient medium of casein; , a painter whose almost mythical scenes are truly modern, with their hallucinatory color palettes and near-digital construction; , whose concern with the female nude pervades even the painter’s clothed subjects, who find themselves positioned in uneasy configurations; and , an abstract painter whose psychedelic, geometric distortions produce an uncanny sensation despite their lack of figuration. The nearly 20-year-old gallery will make an appearance at PULSE Miami Beach next month, bringing a group of unsettling, erotically charged paintings by and .
Santa Fe-based gallery Aaron Payne Fine Art has a strong connection to New York City, where the gallery’s founder got his art world start 25 years ago and where many of the artists on its roster—like , the transplant who helped spread the movement to the U.S., and pioneer of African-American art —have lived or spent time. With a special emphasis on art collectives, Aaron Payne maintains a diverse collection of modern and contemporary art that includes works from Santa Fe Art Colony members , , and ; artists from the Taos Moderns movement like and ; and members of the Stieglitz Circle, such as and .
An early supporter of Australian artists working in abstraction, Charles Nodrum opened in 1984 in Richmond and celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. With a special penchant for mid-century works, the gallery’s pioneering collection of Aussie artworks includes ’s bright, patterned abstractions, ’s geometric, almost neon paintings, ’s muted, off-kilter compositions, ’s near-figurative drawings, ’s thick, muddled oil paintings, ’s spare, angular paintings, and the biometric hallucinations of . The gallery is currently featuring a series of surreal, mythological paintings by the late , one the most prominent figures of Australia’s art scene throughout his life.
Robert Berman is currently showing a collection of watercolor paintings and prints by legendary musician , just one of the famous names that dot the gallery’s 35-year history. The L.A. gallery opened in 1979 with a series of early exhibitions of future icons like and , and is celebrating their anniversary with a rotating exhibition of artists they’ve featured in the past—from their 1980s showcases of Chicano street artists and muralists like , to their seminal 1990s exhibitions of , , and , to more recent shows featuring the likes of and , whose first solo show was with the gallery.
This L.A. gallery maintains a top-notch collection of postwar art, spanning major movements like , , and . Jonathan Novak’s more than 35 years in the business have garnered an almost impossible lineup of major works, as exemplified in the gallery’s upcoming Art Miami presentation, which features art world powerhouses , , , , , , , , , , famed New Yorker cartoonist , and pioneers like , , , , and .