Follow These Four Landscape Photographers

This Friday, take a trip—but let these four photographers do the legwork for you. Take a tour of the world from Antarctica to South Africa, Asia to South America with four artists from our new featured collection, New Landscape Photography.
travels the world documenting the poor and powerless, as well as the grandeur of nature, in analog black-and-white photographs that are both highly formal and unflinchingly documentary.
: One of South Africa’s leading photographers, Hugo has captured an expansive dump of obsolete technology in Ghana in the image at right, part of his “Permanent Error” series.
: Using film and developing his prints in a darkroom, Sze Tsung Leong travels the world with his cameras, photographing cities and their outskirts. He approaches his work with a broad view and sensitivity to the forces that have shaped the built environment throughout time and across cultures.
: A trek on the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia led Caleb Cain Marcus on a two-year odyssey to document glaciers all around the world, from Iceland and Alaska to New Zealand and Norway. Thirty of these photographs appear in his latest book, A Portrait of Ice.