Follow These Galleries Into the Weekend

What new exhibitions should you watch for, and what past exhibitions are worth a second look? This Friday, follow five more galleries and never miss another show.
Winkleman Gallery represents a roster of international artists whose practices combine research, engagement with current conceptual theories, and technical mastery with sociologically or politically charged points of view. Keep up with the gallery on Artsy—on September 7th, a new multimedia exhibition will showcase work by , including videos that feature paintings she removed from their stretchers, crumpled, and captured in various landscapes.
Senior & Shopmaker Gallery specializes in modern and contemporary art, with an emphasis on works on paper by major American and European artists. Explore their past show, “Surface Tension,” and find ’s iconic set of early offset lithographs.
Robert Mann is a fine art gallery specializing in modern and contemporary photography. Prepare yourself for the latest exhibition by , which opens September 6th, and see the multimedia artist’s imaginative-yet-practical solutions to real-world environmental issues—incarnate as a mixture of digital photography and experimental design.
Gallery NAGA is a contemporary art gallery in Boston Massachusetts. Look to their past show, “Sanctuary,” for ’s imaginative, two-year travelogue of paintings depicting wooded forests and misty skyscapes inspired by places like Acadia National Park in Maine and the Teton Mountains.
Since 1997, Pavel Zoubok Gallery has specialized in collage, assemblage and mixed-media installation. Next week, catch their new exhibition, “Money, Power, Sex, & Mark Wager,” to see the artist’s currency collages created using one dollar bills—what calls “the most ubiquitous piece of paper in America”.