Four Galleries Making Their Art Basel in Miami Beach Debut

Elizabeth Dee: New York-based Elizabeth Dee Gallery, founded by its namesake in 2002, has launched and nurtured the careers of countless internationally recognized artists, from Ryan Trecartin to . In recent years they’ve been regulars at Frieze and FIAC, but this year mark’s the gallery’s ABMB debut. Though the gallery’s roster includes artists working across virtually all media, many of them in tandem, Dee’s aesthetic converges at a point of poetic poignance, situated somewhere between figuration and abstraction. The gallery is exhibiting exemplary works by most of its best-known artists, including Cahn as well as , , and .
Corbett vs. Dempsey: In 2004, John Corbett and Jim Dempsey joined forces to found their namesake gallery, drawing on years of experience in the Chicago arts scene—both are affiliates of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and longtime curators and program directors for cultural organizations. The two gallerists have assembled one of the city’s most impressive programs, representing the likes of , , , and . For their inaugural visit to Art Basel in Miami Beach, they’re bringing rare portrait sketches by , and also highlighting two lesser-known, Chicago-based veterans on their roster: , a member of Chicago’s infamous Hairy Who group of artists; and , whose latest works superimpose mass media imagery with references to the masters of geometric abstraction like .
ONE AND J.: Founded in Seoul in 2005, One and J. Gallery focuses on supporting the careers of young, emerging and mid-career Korean artists. They’ve devoted their entire ABMB booth to , a Korean-born New Zealander best-known for his site-transforming installations (like the inflatable Huggong featured at Art Basel in Hong Kong). In Miami Oh will have several of his smaller-scale sculptures on display, including Pokpo, whose title translates as waterfall and references the mouse figure’s pose, awaiting the falling water; Oddooki, which references weighted toy birds and contrasts, in Oh’s words, “a folksy aesthetic with the formal sculptural properties of high-gloss finished surfaces.” He’ll also be showing The Ability to Blow Themselves Up, an ongoing video project that continues his inflatable fascination by depicting various individuals blowing up balloons to the point of explosion.
Singapore Tyler Print Institute: For over 10 years, Singapore Tyler Print Institute has been collaborating with top artists from around the world to create limited-edition works in their print- and papermaking workshop. On their first trip to ABMB, they’ll bring several works made by during a five-week residency at STPI, including pieces from his “Housing” series—structures referencing the ubiquitous apartment towers in Singapore, made with handmade paper. Also on view will be works by Indonesian artist , recently named one of the “50 Under 50 Most Collectible Artists” by Art+Auction, and ornate prints by longtime collaborators .