From Alex Katz to the Recycle Group, 10 Trending Artists at Cosmoscow

Artsy Editorial
Sep 17, 2014 9:11PM

The top of this most-followed artist list might be a given: Alex Katz, one of the world’s most beloved and influential painters, who was born to Russian immigrants, was chosen as a highlight of the fair by Garage founder Dasha Zhukova, no doubt directing eyes toward his painting of a bathing cap-sporting blond, on view with Galeria Javier Lopez. Next on the list is Moscow-based collaborative AES+F , widely known for their seductive, hypnotic aesthetic, but the artists that follow—an emerging generation of Russian and Eastern European names—may come as a surprise: From an up-and-coming photographer who hails from Rostov-on-Don to Recycle Group, a Russian collective of provocative 20-somethings, discover the list of artists below, and see how Cosmoscow—a fair that aims to introduce younger Russian artists to international collectors—appears to be succeeding.

10. Recycle Group

9. Anatoly Gankevich

8.  Sergei Sapozhnikov

7. Anastasia Potemkina

6. Ivan Gorshkov

5. Tanya Akhmetgalieva

4. Cyril Garshin

3. Kerim Ragimov

2. AES+F 

1. Alex Katz

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Artsy Editorial