From the Land of Everywhere: 15 Artists from 7 Countries Offer a Universal View of Contemporary Art

Artsy Editorial
Aug 14, 2014 10:30PM

For its debut exhibition in New York this month, Victori Contemporary showcases a vibrant lineup of artists who create works that range from unpredictable and lively, to philosophical and ruminative. Titled “From the Land of Everywhere,” the show highlights 15 artists from seven countries; each one, in his or her own way, responds to larger dialogues within contemporary art, utilizing photography, sculpture, painting, and collage to make their marks.

French artist Léo Caillard utilizes digital photography to develop ironic visuals, often adding modern day flair to iconic art historical motifs—his viral series, “Hipsters in Stone,” features classical Greek and Roman sculptures donning modern clothing. Spaniard Felix R. Cid contributes works from his “Black Photographs,” which are a combination of hundreds of photographs in which the artist has changed his vantage point multiple times. Cid explains that the end result—as seen in Bullfight (Madrid) (2012)captures a “noisy choreography of human forms found in the crowds.” The sculptural works of New york artist Ryan Jennings Clark, like Timeframe 1 (Compact), combine LCD screens, mirrors, light, and video, in this case, footage of the artist continuously painting a line—a meditation on depicting the infinite. Brooklyn-based painter and sculptor Clark Goolsby develops colorful, ecstatic works that are full of movement, in a style that transitions seamlessly between second and third dimensions. The artist, whose works are the products of spontaneity, is inspired by the balance between life and death, and the spontaneous occurrences in between.

 An assemblage of young talent and experimental thinkers from diverse backgrounds, the exhibition is a dynamic presentation of contemporary art, emitting a universal, inquisitive spirit, and passion for creativity.

Haniya Rae

From the Land of Everywhere” is on view at Birnam Wood Galleries, New York, July 31st–Aug. 29th, 2014.

Artsy Editorial