Function Comes First in Zona MACO’s Design Section

Artsy Editorial
Jan 28, 2014 10:19PM

Mexico City native Cecilia León de la Barra has spent her entire life in the city. And thanks to its burgeoning local design scene, which she describes as “a nice chaos full of energy,” she plans to make a “strong local statement” as this year’s curator of Zona MACO’s Design Section. In her curatorial approach, de la Barra followed the classic architectural principle, “form follows function,” selecting a group of designers and studios producing ingenious, innovative, and aesthetically sound design objects that keep function and everyday life at the fore. The section is particularly compelling due to a line of limited edition objects that de la Barra invited designers to create exclusively for this year’s fair.

With a wealth of emerging new talent, institutions, galleries, and boutiques popping up across the country and particularly within the city, de la Barra was able to include major design contenders that were right at her doorstep. Some of her highlights include “collaborations with artisans and artists and designers working in Oaxaca,” new works by Hector Esrawe, Tane, “a jewelry company from México who is relaunching their image and emphasizing on collaborating with new designers,” tableware company Anfora, and Mindy Solomon’s presentation of Korean artists and designers. Visitors can expect a range of objects and materials, including glass, wood, ceramics, porcelain, wax, wool, silver, and brass.

“The main objective was to promote and spread the [local] design scene and to show all the talent and great products made exclusively for this 2014 edition; and with this, we hope to engage new design collectors.”de la Barra says. With this emphasis on utility and the local scene, not only does Zona MACO’s Design section promise an innovative, unique presentation, it is also the perfect platform to for aspiring design aficionados.

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Artsy Editorial