Happenings: “At the Window,” “Extreme Measures,” and Unearthing Edvard Munch

This week, Artsy focuses on the Getty Center’s “At the Window: The Photographer's View,” and considers the history of the window in photography, as a frame, subject, and source of inspiration. Renowned voyeurs include , , , and .
Elsewhere on the walls, vents her frustration through “(paintings and belt buckles)” at Invisible-Exports, and, starting Wednesday, exhibits “Extreme Measures” throughout the entirety of the New Museum.
And, in case you missed it, Cultured Magazine talked to Shamim Momin, director of LAND, about the L.A. scene, Art21 shared a conversation with Bruce Nauman about his formative teachers, plus Artsy’s Christine Kuan explored the genius of Hokusai. And remember: you can download our new iPhone App to explore and thousands of artists, all at your fingertips.