Happy Birthday, Monet! Reflections on the Master Impressionist

“These landscapes of water and reflection have become an obsession.”—Claude Monet
An avid collector of Japanese prints, was inspired by their depictions of water gardens; so much so, he purchased a small plot of land alongside his Giverny property in order to create his own. Beginning with a small pond he gradually developed the water garden that continues to thrive in the present, adding weeping willows, multiple ponds, bridges, bamboo, and of course, the famed waterlilies. The water garden gave Monet so much inspiration that he dedicated his final decades to the site, now is immortalized in his iconic paintings of the Japanese bridge, waterlilies, and the reflective nature of water. Born on this day in 1840, we honor Monet with a selection of “landscapes of water” displaying a mastery of reflection.