Happy Birthday, Paul Klee

“Drawing is taking a line for a walk.” — Paul Klee
While ’s name may not have the same cachet as ’s, the Museum of Modern Art’s historic first director Alfred H. Barr, Jr., once pronounced that the Swiss-German artist surpassed his Spanish counterpart in “sheer inventiveness.” As prolific as he was inventive, Klee created nearly 10,000 works during his 60 years. His fantastic figural and abstract images were drawn from the stylistic modes of , , and , yet Klee’s drawings, paintings, and prints are a body of work unrivaled in their uniqueness. Well-known for his vibrant patchwork paintings, Klee also made innumerable line drawings and prints, each conveying spontaneity, immediacy, and childlike wonder. In honor of Klee’s birthday, we present some of our favorite line drawings from him and his fellow modern masters.