Happy Birthday to Candid Photographer Ryan McGinley

Artsy Editorial
Oct 17, 2013 2:53PM
Bald Eagle (Pink), 2012
Tomio Koyama Gallery

Ryan McGinley gained national exposure for his diaristic, seemingly flippant photographs at an age before many artists are even out of school. Just over a decade since he arrived on the scene, he has made good on that early promise, and on this the artist’s 36th birthday, his work can be seen at Frieze London, opening to the public today.

Though McGinley’s photographs now include posed shots, the recent series “You and My Friends” sees the artist returning to naturalistic snapshots. He explores the spectrum of emotion with—literally—faces in the crowd, unidentified-yet-distinctive concertgoers. Unaware of the photographer, his young subjects are caught in states of unencumbered bliss and awash with light.

On view at Alison Jacques Gallery, Frieze London 2013, Booth E7, October 17th – 20th.

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Artsy Editorial