Happy Birthday to You, Lorna Simpson

Artsy Editorial
Aug 13, 2013 1:45PM

On the occasion of her birthday, let’s revisit Lorna Simpson’s head-to-toe golden dancers, as they pirouette in a performance work based on memories from the artist’s childhood—specifically, a ballet performance on the stage at New York City’s prestigious Lincoln Center. “I was ten or eleven years old at the time, dressed up in gold body paint and a gold Afro, and on pointe,” Simpson said in an interview with Aperture. “From a young age, I was immersed in the arts. I had parents who loved living in New York and loved going to museums, and attending plays, dance performances, concerts. They would take me with them. Their appreciation was free and open; they did not think that they had an artist in the making.”

At right, view the video from her past exhibition at Salon 94 Bowery, “Momentum,” along with the images that accompanied, printed in gold ink.

Artsy Editorial