In the Studio with Anton Zolotov: Concept & Medium

Hardware Store Materials
“I mix the found objects with a lot of hardware materials. Nothing’s really from the art store because it’s so expensive. I like house paint and industrial materials, like Plasti Dip, which is coated rubber. There are a lot of cool textures that you can get at a hardware store.” 
Enamel Paintings
“When I was making enamel paintings in 2010-11, it was just after working as an assistant to Banks Violette, where I was really interested in using industrial materials but in a different way. The enamel is very glossy, shiny; very tough paint. It’s kind of like the stuff that we used to make Banks’s resin molds for the sculptures. Or the glossed-out mindset. So it was more apocalyptic. But then, I got more into—if I had to use a reference or an influence—Blinky Palermo and . So these works are smaller, they’re more whimsical, they’re more fragile, they’re even humorous.”
Photographs by Alex John Beck