In the Studio with Anton Zolotov: Inspiration

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Feb 19, 2014 12:07AM

Chris Martin

“I just did a studio visit with Chris Martin. Going into his studio, you see how much work he has that he reuses; he has hundreds of pieces—like racks—and he basically will reuse a lot of his work and re-stylize it. But also, he just has so much material on the works. He has so much stuff that he puts on the canvases.”

Banks Violette

“I think working for Banks shaped two aspects of my practice: the more sculpture-based side of what I was doing; and then we used a lot of hardware materials. We’d go to the hardware store and buy supplies instead of going to the art supply store. And the black-and-white thing kind of came out of that experience, too. I use more color now, but I still like black and white a lot.”

Blinky Palermo

“I was really influenced by the Blinky Palermo show at Dia:Beacon—his process and shapes.” 

Joe Bradley

“I met Joe when I got out of college. He was playing in the band Cheeseburger. I had a TA [teacher’s assistant] at Hunter who was best friends with him. I met him because I really liked his work, and then started going to some of his shows. Then I was in a group show with him. I have always been influenced by his work. He’s kind of self-deprecating in this very humorous way, very Philip Guston kind of way, which I really like. He doesn’t seem to take it that seriously, even though his career is massive now. He still has kind of an insecure position that he holds—he's just like ‘whatever.’ I mean, this was a few years ago, so I don’t know if he has changed but knowing his personality, he's very easygoing about it. He’ll still do smaller shows with people if he likes them or he just thinks they’re cool.” 

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