In the Studio with Anton Zolotov: “Neo Povera” / Poor Art

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Feb 18, 2014 11:54PM

Poor Art

“I like poor art, or ‘broke art,’ making art out of trash. I like that it’s not expensive, number one, because New York is so expensive and having a studio is expensive. So to go and buy linen or canvas and all those kinds of supplies is really costly, so I like the idea that you can just find materials.” 

Found Objects

“There’s a lot of contemporary art that’s using found objects—merging sculpture and painting. I think this is a hybrid of new painting. You see that a lot. Even painters’ painters are stepping away from more traditional materials.” 

“I’ll find things that I feel somehow attracted to. I’ll bring a lot of the stuff in, and it usually sits around and then I’ll start to put stuff together. Like the stiff wax rag that I found. It was sculptural; I just wanted to do something with it. And for Loot, I found the keyboard in the building. I found the panel as well, and I put them together. I try to be as minimal as possible with materials. And I try to be very simple about how I make the work—stripping it down as much as possible, and working on the floor. I really like all the marks on the floor, which could lead to a new series of works.”

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Photographs by Alex John Beck

Artsy Editorial
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