In the Studio with Hayal Pozanti: The Armory Show 2014

Artsy Editorial
Feb 19, 2014 12:36AM

“For this series, I’m delving more into the three-dimensional, where the works have more physical depth to them. I was reading an article about the ‘blob’ in architecture—how because of computer programs, architects are now able to incorporate the ‘blob’ into their process, and how buildings are not how a modernist building would be, like, built on the idea of the simple square. I really like the idea of these looking almost like sculptures unto themselves that have been painted, so I think they’ll probably go in that direction. And, it’s a future fantasy, but I would love to make a building one day.”

Explore Hayal’s works at Jessica Silverman Gallery at The Armory Show 2014.

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Photographs by Alex John Beck

Artsy Editorial