In the Studio with Jason Gringler: Materials / Mediums

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Feb 18, 2014 9:25PM


“I’ve been working with Plexiglas, glass, and epoxy since 2007. The beauty of Plexi is you can work from behind, so it allows for much of the painterly chance that I don’t usually have. These works are really digging at the trajectory of painting and its history, though coming at it without using traditional materials. Unlike glass and mirrors, Plexi is not disposed of very often, so for the most part it needs to be purchased and so the work can be expensive to make. However, sometimes people in the building leave Plexi outside my door, and I like to incorporate that into the work.”

Paints, Adhesives 

“When you glue Plexi, you’re using this chemical called Plexi-weld, which molecularly bonds the Plexi together. So I use a syringe and run it along the Plexiglas. I have sandpaper for sanding edges, gloves because of the chemicals, some spray paints. The most important tools are the syringe, the rags, and the safety goggles.”


“I print out photographs of my work and of the studio and I make collages from those printouts. Those basically become the studies for the larger works. So the practice is constantly circling in on itself and is constantly recycled. I take photos all the time; but I’ll take the photos and delete them almost immediately after. It’s just so I can burn that image into my mind so that I can stew on it once I leave.”


“Sculpture was initially my interest when I entered my undergrad. But I don’t think I have enough patience to actually work three-dimensionally, so painting became really interesting for me as a way through sculpture.”

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Photographs by Alex John Beck

Artsy Editorial