In the Studio with Pace Prints: Ink and Squeegees

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Sep 10, 2013 6:35PM

“We are very old-fashioned kind of printers here, so actually, we like using oil-based ink [laughs]. But one problem is that [these inks] are also very toxic and suppliers have discontinued those products, one after another. So for [the How & Nosm] project we use water-based, and acrylic colors, [which are] very expensive. They are just like anything else: cheaper versus expensive. Usually, the cheap one’s quality is not so good. Usually, the expensive one is good. We use expensive materials, hoping that it’s always better.”

“We use squeegees, like for cleaning windows—a different shape, but basically the same thing. So we squeeze ink through the fabric onto the paper with the squeegee. We use different sizes depending on the type of image we are printing.”

Photographs by Alex John Beck 

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