In the Studio with Pace Prints: These Prints Are Human Made

Artsy Editorial
Sep 10, 2013 7:10PM

“The problem is that printers are not horses, or dogs; we are humans. We have human emotions. That’s very important. When you see a photograph of a tree, and when you see a tree, those are two different things. The same form-wise, shape-wise, color-wise; they are the same tree, but different, right? Your impression is different. So this is tricky area for printers. Making prints. Prints are prints, not original works of art; but still, not a digital picture because the human mind’s involved. It’s a printer’s mind. When you see this, you see something, and you feel something different from ‘machine-made.’ That’s why people pay lots of money for this. It’s very time consuming and very expensive.”

Photographs by Alex John Beck 

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Artsy Editorial