Introducing Hayal Pozanti

Artsy Editorial
Feb 19, 2014 3:15AM

On a snowy January morning, we met Turkish-born Yale MFA grad Hayal Pozanti at her Queens studio for a tour of the space, and a first look at the paintings her gallerist Jessica Silverman will debut at The Armory Show in March. On the heels of two solo exhibitions in November—at DUVE Berlin and Susanne Vielmetter in Los Angeles—Pozanti was in the middle of this new work, which, at the time of our visit, existed solely as blank wooden panels. It was the perfect occasion for a start-to-finish rundown of her process and an explanation of the bold, interlocking abstract compositions that have recently caught the discerning eye of the art world. From the language of unique shapes she’s invented—a 31-letter “alphabet” from which many of her forms are derived, to the considerations behind the shape of her paintings, which are square, like an Instagram icon, or rectangular, like an iPhone 5—Pozanti talked us through the realization of her work and a day in the life of one of New York’s emerging art stars. 

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Photographs by Alex John Beck

Artsy Editorial