Jonathan Nesci Takes Us Behind the Scenes of His Custom-Designed Italian Exhibition at Design Miami/

Artsy Editorial
Dec 4, 2013 12:09PM

“I am informed by the work that has preceded me and aim to add a building block in the continually changing landscape of product and process,” says Jonathan Nesci, the designer known for his clean, minimalist furniture. As such, it’s only fitting that he’s designed the booth for Casati Gallery at Design Miami/, a presentation called “Reflections on Post-War Italian Design” that brings together big names in mid-century Italian design—like Gino Sarfatti and Franco Albini—with works by a new generation of designers inheriting their lineage, Nesci included.

Chicago-based Casati is one of the biggest American dealers of 20th-century Italian art, and Nesci’s booth serves a fitting tribute to their specialty. He offered us a peek behind the scenes of the exhibition’s install, as his design is realized and each work finds its rightful, carefully curated place.

Photos courtesy Jonathan Nesci and Alex Gilbert.

Casati Gallery at Design Miami/, Design Galleries, Booth G30, Dec. 4th – 8th.

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Artsy Editorial