Keller & Kosmas (AIDS-3D) Envision the Future

The Berlin-based duo Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas artistically identify as , but with tongue-in-cheek, they call themselves a “two-headed value-adding-prosumer-hydra-artist” —U.S.-to-Berlin transplants—who work from a studio they say floats in a “MacBook Pro-mediated cloud” to bring us conceptual and satirical collaborative works. In a nutshell, the pair’s upcoming solo show used a gaze-tracking camera to capture the eye movements of a group of unemployed Berliners as they watched national tourism ads. “The show is a satirical speculation on a near-future where labor, consumption, marketing, leisure and protest has been automated and outsourced,” Keller says. Per usual, the concept is abstract, but a trip to T293 Gallery in Rome (opens May 22nd, 2013) should help answer the questions the pair surely wants you to ask.
Keller/Kosmas is on view at T293 Gallery, Rome, from May 22nd through July 20th, 2013.