Most-Viewed Artworks at Art Basel 2014

As the opening of Art Basel 2014 approaches, we offer the below list of trending artworks that are getting the most clicks on Artsy. Whether you’re heading to the fair, or tracking Basel happenings online, these works—ranging from vibrant abstract paintings at the Galerie Mark Müller booth to offerings from top contemporary artists Jeff Koons and Katharina Grosse—are worth noting and offer a taste of this year’s fair.
10. , Ohne Titel, 2008, at Galerie Mark Müller
9. , o.T., 2014, at Johann König
8. , Gazing Ball (Standing Woman), 2014, at Almine Rech
6. , Alberto Giacometti, Galerie Maeght, Paris, 1961, at Mitchell-Innes & Nash
5. , It's a Man's World, 2014, at 303 Gallery
4. , Untitled, 2014, at Galerie Mark Müller
3. , Lisa Lyon, 1980, at Mai 36 Galerie
2. New Women 1, 2013, at Marian Goodman Gallery