Most-Viewed Artworks at Art Basel in Hong Kong

Art Basel in Hong Kong, the East-meets-West edition of the Swiss art fair, brings together artists and galleries from all over the world. Find out which artists’ works have been viewed most during our fair preview—including a still from China’s pioneering filmmaker Yang Fudong’s silent movie, New Women, an image of Marina Abramović veiled with gold leaf, and more. 
10. , Time after Time: Untitled 11, 2007, at Rhona Hoffman Gallery
9. , Ash Eroded Reel to Reel, 2013, at Galerie Perrotin
8. , Hand Out, 2013, at Galerie Perrotin
7. , Chongqing IV (Sunday Picnic), Chongqing Municipality, 2006, 2006, at Blindspot Gallery
6. , Fanny, 2013, at Galerie Perrotin
5. , Yoko XXII, 2012, at Almine Rech
4. , VB62.003.VB, 2008, at Lia Rumma 
3. , Golden Mask, 2009, at Lia Rumma 
2. , Auch wirt lern helmt mich (Able fwill red), 2013, at Gagosian Gallery
1. , New Women, 2013, at ShanghART