Mysticism and Mythology Meet at ARCOmadrid

Waqas Khan lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan and was trained in printmaking at the prestigious National College of the Arts. He begins his ink drawings on wasli paper starting at a single point and allowing the work to grow while he drifts into a trance-like state. Using a drafting Rotring pen, he produces updated versions of 16th-century Bardhakhat . Different pieces have different gestural developments: Forming Spaces X (2014) is built with tiny circles moving vertically and horizontally, referring both to the picture plane and architecture; Untitled in green (2014) and The Hole (2014) spiral out in fractal-like forms, alluding to the greater cosmos. Inspired by Hindu and Muslim art traditions and the mysticism of Sufi tradition that preaches the universality of love, Khan works toward the expression of human truth and a shared appreciation of beauty.
Timothy Hyunsoo Lee is a new entrant into the art world, but has already proven a great capability to create determined and meticulous pieces. Mining his personal experience with anxiety and his background in neurobiology, he creates works through a therapeutic process, driven by an obsessive energy. Repeated, diamond-like forms grow into undulating shapes, both alien-like and organic. Toeing the line between realism and abstraction at the ARCO booth, his large-scale diptychs Haesik (2015) and Dalsun (2015) allude to the Korean animistic tale of the birth of the sun and the moon—a legendary story with a sci-fi aesthetic.
Hyunsoo Lee and Khan’s selection for the Solo/Duo program at ARCOmadrid reinforces Sabrina Amrani Gallery’s commitment to emerging artists from around the globe. Tapping into meditative states of creation, these artists point toward the possibility of a sacred geometry manifested through a combination of machine-like efficiency and creative human spirit.
—K. Sundberg
Sabrina Amrani Gallery at ARCOmadrid 2015, Feb. 25–Mar. 1, 2015