Pablo Posada Pernikoff Carves Objects of Intrigue, in Silver and Glass

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May 23, 2014 6:40PM

Born in Spain, a citizen of France and Colombia, and a student of Japan, Pablo Posada Pernikoff mastered engineering and mathematics before pursuing his career in art. An avid traveler, he calls no one place home. Pernikoff’s art is multifarious and infused with diverse influences—a reflection of its maker. Born from blown crystal balls, thick slabs of glass, and sheets of gold leaf, the artist’s ethereal objects are meant to be interpretations of the way tangible matter passes through time and space. Pernikoff intends to inspire a connection between artwork and audience, and to create art that is universally understood.

Pernikoff’s glass works—each one unique—vary in form and technique. Works like Silver Moon are created from glass-blowing, while others like Glass Eye are hewn from glass plates or blocks; both processes employ a skillful, carving technique, producing patterns that range from the rose-like roundel in Winds to the network resembling broken glass in Volatilizacion to vine-like verticals in Mountains. Each piece manages to file the sharp, cutting quality of glass, smoothing out the edges and lacerations to form intriguing, meditative objects.

Like his glass works, Pernikoff’s paper and metal relief works evidence an aesthetic that points to the decade he spent in Japan as an art student. These gold and silver works are abstracted tableaux of nature, comprised of rippling waves, wispy clouds, nimble branches, and floating leaves. The artist excels at surface; from sprinkles of texture achieved through the bite of acid to the glossy channels of cut glass to raised metallic passages, Pernikoff’s works are mesmerizing visions that beg to be touched.

Confluences: Recent Works by Pablo Posada Pernikoff” is on view at Beatriz Esguerra Art, Bogota, Colombia, May 22–June 19th, 2014.

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