Real Talk with Lucien Smith

Artsy caught up via email (and emoji) with . It seems his choice of words is as playful as his style of painting—as in his work for the Whitney Art Party Sale, which he created by spraying paint from a fire extinguisher.
Artsy: Who tried to talk you out of pursuing a career as an artist, and why did you persevere?
Lucien Smith: This was my backup plan.
Artsy: What tools are essential to your practice as an artist (anything from the Internet to paintbrushes to a particular Pandora station to create the perfect atmosphere)?
LS: Big ups to Strand Books! Wikipedia, Juice Press, SoulCycle. Pandora? What's that? You mean Spotify!
Artsy: As you know, the Whitney is soon to open a new location, which has been coined the “Whitney of the Future”. What does the future of art look like?
LS: This is a picture I took of the Whitney under construction during Hurricane Sandy. The future has looked brighter. [See middle image.]
Art of the future? Maybe something like this... [See last image.]
Who is your dream collector?
LS: Mike Tyson or Wesley Snipes after tax.