Rina Banerjee Toys with Text

Artsy Editorial
Mar 21, 2013 1:45PM

Rina Banerjee is known for her fantastic, quixotic worlds, and the even more imaginative nature of her lengthy titles like:

In what seemed at first a monster’s colonial dream, leprechauns of amber body and agile mind blew west wondering what it would be like to leave land, ocean, bear, feline, and the bounty of horned beasts, to leave our nature for culture (2008)

“I like the sound a text makes when we are mouthing the words,” she has said. “Like colors they can contrast, harmonize, create dissonance, cacophony or stray away from the language being used.” Speaking to the length of the titles, she added, “We are suspicious of lengthy anything. Minimalism … is dominant. I am very aware that I speak the English language, because I am Indian, and that it’s not mine, so I like toying with it, making it bend, stretch, reach . . . I work my titles to do somersaults, acrobatic feats and create a space that is imprecise.”

In what seemed... is included in Christie’s South Asian Modern + Contemporary Art sale, March 20, 2013. Learn more here.
Artsy Editorial