Simon Fujiwara's Tea for Two

Artsy Editorial
May 11, 2013 5:33PM

Simon Fujiwara’s Milk Jug preserves what would have been a fleeting moment between father and son. After 20 years of separation, a 28-year-old Fujiwara traveled to his childhood home in Shizuoka, Japan, and reunited with his father. An artist known to explore personal relationships and family histories, Fujiwara wanted to preserve the moment, and soon after enrolled (with his father) in a pottery course. Working together, Fujiwara and his father created a replica of a tea set by the “Father of Pottery” Bernard Leach; and just as their piece recalls the combined Eastern and Western ideologies of the master, it also bridges the psychological and geographical gaps in their own relationship. On display in a vitrine made by the artist, Fujiwara’s work is presented in tandem with the original by Bernard Leach.

On view at Dvir Gallery, Frieze NY - Booth D16, May 9th – 13th.
Artsy Editorial