Spotlight on LAND’s Shamim M. Momin

Artsy Editorial
Apr 16, 2013 2:44PM

We’ve fallen into a habit of indulging with Shamim Momin. Every so often, she treats us to a Lunchtime Poll with an artist—like Sue de Beer, Julian Hoeber, and Mungo Thomson, to name a few—with a quirky brand of questions often in conjunction with an initiative of LAND (the Los Angeles Nomadic Division) where Momin is the director, curator, and co-founder.

In honor of our current focus on L.A., we direct you toward her newest poll, which highlights the playfully personified installation of Los Angeles artist Liz Craft. Set upon the landscape of West Hollywood Park, the whimsical teepee-like sculpture is blithe and fantastical, per the artist’s norm, and exactly the kind of project we expect from LAND.

Follow Shamim to read her past Lunchtime Polls and learn more about LAND and upcoming projects like Painting in Place.

Liz Craft, The Temple of Folly, is on view through October 2013.

Portrait courtesy of Ramona Rosales
Artsy Editorial