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Spotting the Trend of Abstract Art in Asia at Art Stage Singapore

Artsy Editorial
Jan 15, 2015 5:50PM

Artsy asked our Hong Kong-based specialists, Sureyya Wille and Hillary Shih, for their insights around predominant themes at the upcoming Art Stage Singapore fair. 

From the sculpted folds of burlap in Japanese Gutai artist Tsuyoshi Maekawa’s Work 130931 (1963), to the smooth, lacquered finish of Su Xiaobai’s Peaceful Skyblue (2014), this selection of artworks demonstrates the deep engagement artists across Asia have had with the theme of abstraction. Whether as an exercise in transforming traditional mediums, or as a reaction against representational conventions, these artists challenge the norm and break away from the often Western-centric, linear art historical narrative of abstraction.

Tsuyoshi Maekawa at Whitestone Gallery

Su Xiaobai at Pearl Lam

Liu Kuo-Sung at Linda Gallery

Dongi Lee at Gallery Hyundai

Oh Su-Fan at Gana Art

Gok-sin (God of Valley), 1990
Gana Art

Argie Bandoy at Taksu


Dadang Rukmana at Semarang Gallery

Charwei Tsai at Tina Keng

We Came Whirling Out of Nothingness I-VIII , 2014

Syed Haider Raza at Delhi Art Gallery

Tree of life , 1998
Dag Modern

Ding Yi at ShanghART

—Sureyya Wille and Hillary Shih

Artsy Editorial