Standout Works from “The Encylopedic Palace”

Artsy Editorial
Jun 1, 2013 1:20PM

1. Marino Auriti, Il Encyclopedico Palazzo del Mondo (Encyclopedic Palace of the World), ca. 1950s

2. J.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere photographs, installation

3. Roberto Cuoghi, Belinda, 2013

*The piece recalls combinatorial principle protein chains.

4. Phyllida Barlow, Untitled: hanginglumpcoalblack, 2012 / Untitled: hanginglump 2, 2012

5. Danh Vo, installation view. Tapestries: Untitled (Christmas, Rome, 2012) 2013

*The 200-year-old catholic church, imported from Vietnam, embodies melding of tradition and cultural influence.

6. Pawel Althamer, The Venetians, 2013

*Althamer collaborated with a plastic manufacturer, casting local Venetians faces and hands and using grey extrusions.      

7. Ryan Trecartin, Not Yet Titled, 2013, 4 Video HD  

*For the Venice Biennale, Trecartin created a work that plumbs the sadistic depths of television genres—of game shows, reality television competitions and talk shows.    

8. Dieter Roth, Solo Scenes, 1997–1998             
*This work comprises 131 TV sets that show scenes from the artist's daily life, made shortly before his death.   
9. Walter De Maria, Apollos Ecstasy, 1990. Twenty solid bronze rods.   
Photographs by Alex John Beck for Artsy
Artsy Editorial