Standout Works from “The Encylopedic Palace”

1. Marino Auriti, Il Encyclopedico Palazzo del Mondo (Encyclopedic Palace of the World), ca. 1950s
2.  photographs, installation
3. , Belinda, 2013
*The piece recalls combinatorial principle protein chains.
4. , Untitled: hanginglumpcoalblack, 2012 / Untitled: hanginglump 2, 2012
5. , installation view. Tapestries: Untitled (Christmas, Rome, 2012) 2013
*The 200-year-old catholic church, imported from Vietnam, embodies melding of tradition and cultural influence.
6. Pawel Althamer, The Venetians, 2013
*Althamer collaborated with a plastic manufacturer, casting local Venetians faces and hands and using grey extrusions.      

7. , Not Yet Titled, 2013, 4 Video HD  

*For the Venice Biennale, Trecartin created a work that plumbs the sadistic depths of television genres—of game shows, reality television competitions and talk shows.    

8. , Solo Scenes, 1997–1998             
*This work comprises 131 TV sets that show scenes from the artist's daily life, made shortly before his death.   
9. , Apollos Ecstasy, 1990. Twenty solid bronze rods.   
Photographs by Alex John Beck for Artsy