Standout Works in Cindy Sherman’s Show Within a Show

Since the ’70s, has captured hearts on a relatable level, challenging just about every female stereotype in her 20th-century world of art. The number of artists who look to Sherman is significant, and ever expanding, but this year at the 55th Venice Biennale, Sherman directs the lens to more than 30 artists, other than herself. In a special section at the center of the Arsenale, Sherman has curated a show of more than 200 works—exploring a favorite topic, the perception of self—through a menagerie of dolls, mannequins, puppets and idols, alongside paintings, sculpture, photography, and even drawings by prison inmates in her imaginary museum of collective image.
1-2. Photographic albums from the collection of (in the glass case); detail of album.
3. , Fall ’91, 1992
4. , Children’s Anatomical Figure, 1990
5.  and , The Actual Photos, 1985
Photographs by Alex John Beck for Artsy