Studio Cogitech Pushes the Limits of Furniture Design

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Feb 19, 2014 3:13PM

French engineering firm Studio Cogitech is known for 14 years of custom, innovative designs and structures: lacquered shell ceilings for the Musée Borely in Marseille, a 3D resin façade for Rolex at Baselworld, and custom LED lighting for the first level of the Eiffel Tower. While Cogitech is largely client-based, and has produced furniture by Marc Newson and Martin Szekely in the past, now for the first time the firm presents its own collection of furniture, including one-of-a-kind pieces and limited-edition works presented at the new Parisian destination for contemporary design, Galerie BSL.

Masters of engineering and design, Cogitech directors Sylvain Quidant and Olivier Mesplomb describe the firm’s practice: “We start with a piece of paper, a drawing, an outline, a sketch, a plan, an image, or 3D object—anything will do! What makes us really stand out is our ability to understand the formal language of our customers and put their ideas into practice by exploring all possible options.” Furniture is a natural progression for the firm, given its success with architecture, design, and art world clients, and its ever-innovative spirit. Cogitech emphasizes in all of their work the ability to push limits physically and visually, while “[letting] the material speak for itself.”

Their new line, “Matrice,” is titled after the process through which the pieces are created: each console is a combination of lacquered fiberglass and carbon fiber, produced through resins that act like a matrix, rendering them extremely durable composites. With extremely sleek forms, clean lines, and a minimalist touch, “Matrice” includes chairs, benches, tables, consoles, mirrors, and light fixtures, all intriguingly futuristic. Employing square and rectangular forms, each piece has an element of curvature for both practical and aesthetic purposes, wherein the material has been altered and stretched. Produced in a range of bright jewel tones, each piece is an elegant solution to everyday furniture.

Studio Cogitech: Matrice” is on view at Galerie BSL, Paris, Jan. 28th–Apr. 25th, 2014.

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Artsy Editorial