The 10 Most Desired Objects from Design Miami/

Artsy Editorial
Dec 10, 2013 9:08PM

At Design Miami/, the best of classic modern design shares the spotlight with cutting-edge contemporary works from around the world. Fittingly, the most popular works from the week (based on our users’ Favorites) represent a mashup of tradition and experimentation. Think a grandfather clock with a digital clockmaster inside, continuously erasing and redrawing the hands; unique vessels made in impossibly delicate glass and ceramic; or a glass table set atop a reference to 1960s Pop Art. Even the winning mid-century works by Jean Prouvé and Maria Pergay appear to be light years ahead of their time.

10. Magdalene Odundo, Untitled, 2013

9. Maarten Baas, Grandfather Clock Corten, 2013

8. Maria Pergay, Daybed, 1968

7. Humans Since 1982, A Million Times 96, 2013

6. Nacho Carbonell, Giant Luciferase Floor Lamp, 2011

5. UUfie, ‘Peacock’ Chair, 2013

4. Jean Prouvé, Demountable House 8x8, 1945

3. Sebastian Errazuriz, Cabinet paintings, 2013

2. Jeff Zimmerman, Crinkled Sculptural Vessel,2013

1. Reinier Bosch, WHAAM!, 2013

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