The 10 Most Popular Animals on Artsy

Artsy Editorial
May 2, 2013 7:02PM

From the earliest cave paintings of wild game to Salvador Dalí and his pet ocelot Babou, artists have always been fascinated by animals. Here, we present you the ten most popular creatures on Artsy, based on how many users have saved (❤’ed) them to their collections. If you like what you see, be sure to follow Animals and Animal Portraits too!

10. Sue de Beer’s cranky Persian cat, Snoebelle.

9. Andy Warhol’s early watercolor cat named Sam.

8. Charlotte Dumas’s horse, Peter, regally resting in his stall by Arlington National Cemetery.

7. Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros, which just set an auction record this spring.

6. Damien Hirst’s (real) lamb embalmed in formaldehyde.

5. Fred Tomaselli’s bird made from collaged photos.

4. Robert Mapplethorpe’s coy Kitten photographed in 1983.

3. William Holbrook Beard’s anthropomorphized monkey, casually enjoying a cigarette.

2. Simen Johan’s otherworldly, digitally manipulated giraffes.

1. And finally, Liu Di’s giant panda, who sits atop a ruined cityscape—and our rankings.
Artsy Editorial