The Artsy Guide to ArtInternational 2014

Hosted in Istanbul, Turkey, ArtInternational presents a vibrant showcase of contemporary art that reflects the confluence between East and West. A venue for the two regions to converge artistically and geographically, the fair offers a selection of both local and international talent, and a focus on art of the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Additionally, ArtInternational promises a comprehensive program of captivating large-scale installations, a thought-provoking speaker series, and screenings of never-before-seen video works, which we have detailed below. 
1. When? Where? How?
ArtInternational 2014 will take place September 26th–28th, at the Haliç Congress Center in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. Tickets can be purchased at the fair or in advance online here.
2. Why visit? 
Now beginning its second edition after launching in 2013, ArtInternational brings together local and international galleries to present leading modern and contemporary work by artists from across the globe. With a strong showing of Turkish and Middle Eastern artists, the fair showcases the cultural history of a country that has acted as a gateway between the East and West. 
3. What kinds of works will be included?
ArtInternational showcases a range of both local and international established and emerging artists working in the sphere of contemporary art. With everything from video to painting, sculpture to site-specific installations, the fair offers a comprehensive overview of mediums and artistic styles. As a premier venue for Turkish art, the fair will feature a large showing of work by local artists such as , , and
4. The Artistic Program
The artistic program includes three sections: Projects, The Alternatives, and the Screening Programme. The Projects section includes several projects created specifically for the fair, including performances, installations, and architectural designs. The Alternatives section invites non-profit spaces, alternative institutions, and art collectives to present a sampling of their unique programs. The focus of this section is to highlight the important role that small-scale initiatives play in the Turkish art scene. In the Screening Programme, various artists will be presenting their videos in a compilation titled “Parallel Lines,” which takes a look at the various people, events, ideas, and dreams that exist within various societal realms. 
5. The Talks Program
SPOT Projects, a curatorial project of the Production Fund of Istanbul, will bring together 15 topics to be presented as part of “Produce,” the foundation’s yearlong event series. Participants in SPOT Projects are speakers that have developed their practices based on the cultures of the cities they live in, coming from backgrounds that include architecture, urban planning, and artistic production. The series offers insight on the political, economic and governmental barriers happening in the region. 
In addition, Artfactory, a Turkish storage and exhibition services facility, will host a weekend of talks to take place in the ArtInternational Talks Auditorium on September 27th and 28th. The talks will cover two subjects: “Fine Arts Storage & Logistics” on Saturday, Sept. 27 from 1:00 p.m. to 2 p.m., and “Arts & Medicine,” on Sunday, Sept. 28 from 1:00 p.m. to 2 p.m.
6.  “By The Waterside”: An Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
By the Waterside is a sculpture terrace dedicated to exhibiting the large-scale sculptures presented by ArtInternational’s participating galleries. Artists exhibiting in this section include , , , , , , , and
7. The Gallery Selection Committee
Each year, the galleries invited to participate in ArtInternational are selected by a committee of representatives from galleries located in cultural centers for contemporary art from across the world. This year’s committee includes:
Oliver Belot, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
Ursula Krinzinger, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna
Leila Heller, Leila Heller Gallery, New York
Leyla Tara Suyabatmaz, Rampa Gallery, Istanbul
Yesim Turanli, Pi Artworks, Istanbul and London
8. Moving Image Istanbul & Other Nearby Attractions
Moving Image Istanbul launches the same weekend as the fair, sharing programming in the Haliç Congress Center. In its first edition, Moving Image Istanbul centers around video and moving image-based works by artists from around the world. 
In addition, Istanbul has a diverse selection of cultural centers and museums, including Akbank Art Center, ARTER - Space for Art, SALT Beyoğlu, and the Yapi Kredi Cultural Centre, that will be hosting events and exhibitions during the fair.