The Modern American Landscape

What is the contemporary equivalent of the iconic American depictions of landscapes? Paradise Row Gallery’s Nick Hackworth described a question ripe in the minds of conceptual photographers , whose American Landscape Series is on display at the gallery’s Armory Show booth. 
Their answer lies in a series of interiors created in top commercial photographic studios of Los Angeles and New York, where the duo captured the expansive white walls and infinite curves of photographers’ backdrops. Broomberg and Chanarin titled the works with lists of the last clients to use the spaces—for example, Cosmo Girl, Lexus, Viagra, Vogue and NBC, CBS, UPN, ABC, FOX, HBO. “Our culture has gone through some radical shifts, and the rise of media culture has really transformed human experience in the way we interact with the world,” Hackworth said. “These spaces really are the landscapes we have created.”