The Six Most Popular Booths from Zona MACO

Based on visitors to Artsy, we present the most popular exhibitors at Zona MACO so far. But don’t take our word for it: there are 98 other fabulous booths full of art and design from around the world. And the fair is open until Sunday, so there’s plenty of time to discover favorites of your own.
6. Henrique Faria Fine Art: One of New York’s top galleries representing Latin American artists, Faria brought a solo exhibition of works by , a Mexican artist known for investigating mathematical and scientific systems in his multimedia works.
5. Cardi Black Box: The Dubai-based powerhouse gallery exhibits a spectacular array of Italian art and design, including some masterpieces of Arte Povera by and .
4. Gladstone Gallery: Barbara Gladstone brought a wide range from her top-notch international roster, including standout sculptures by , , and Mexico City native .
3. Dillon Gallery: Dillon exhibits a vibrant mélange of mediums, including a range of photography and a series of target paintings by —some of our favorite works from the fair.
2. Casa Gutiérrez Nájera: Self-described as “a space dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of design in all disciplines,” Casa Gutiérrez Nájera serves as an incubator of sorts for bold experimentation in Mexican design—on full display in pieces like Sebastián Beltrán’s Motion Lamp and Carmen Tapia’s silo-shaped vessel.
1. Galería OMR: A dominant force in the Mexican art scene since it was founded in 1983 in the Roma District—now the heart of Mexico City’s contemporary art world—OMR represents a range of established and emerging contemporary artists. Their booth for Zona MACO, naturally, focuses on mid-career Mexican artists like and .