The Top 10 Most Followed Artists in 2013

Based on how many users followed each artist in the past year. Be sure to follow your favorite artists for updates on shows and new works!
10. . 2013 highlight: “I Who Have Arrived in Heaven” makes headlines and selfie-history at David Zwirner.
9. . 2013 highlight: Calling out clothing brand Supreme for blatantly stealing her aesthetic.
8. . 2013 highlights: Two simultaneous exhibitions of new sculptures at Gagosian; voting for himself as the greatest living artist.
7. . 2013 highlights: A summer takeover of Chelsea, an auction record for a work by a living artist, and a flashy collaboration with Lady Gaga.
6. . 2013 highlight: Curating a “show within a show” at the Venice Biennale, featuring 30 artists who explore her favorite topic, self-perception.
5. . 2013 highlights: The German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, a heavy metal music video, a bicycle takeover of Toronto, a bold op-ed—all despite serving house arrest in Beijing.
4. . 2013 highlight: Debuting his first feature film, Jellyfish Eyes, at LACMA.
3. . 2013 highlights: Tangoing with Jay-Z at his “Picasso Baby” marathon; successfully crowdfunding her eponymous institute (MAI) on Kickstarter.
2. . 2013 highlight: A one-month “residency” on the streets of New York, whose 30 works made worldwide headlines and were scathingly ranked by Jerry Saltz.
1. . 2013 highlights: A relatively quiet year for the headline-stealer, despite the first-place finish, but he did unleash high-profile collaborations with Rihanna and Alexander McQueen and get his largest exhibition ever.