The Top 10 Most Viewed Artists During Armory Show Week

Roy Lichtenstein, 'Crying Girl,' 1963, Sims Reed Gallery

Roy Lichtenstein

Crying Girl, 1963

Sims Reed Gallery

Not for sale

Though most of the usual suspects are here, a few surprises made their way into the top ten. Hannah Hoch and Kiki Smith made strong showings, thanks in part to some iconic works on display at the piers. Ryan Foerster’s photographic abstractions (including one selected by Dasha Zhukova for her Armory Show picks) also land him at number four.

10. David Hockney

9. Kiki Smith

8. Man Ray

7. Roy Lichtenstein

6. John Currin

5. Pablo Picasso

4. Ryan Foerster

3. Damien Hirst

2. Hannah Hoch

1. Andy Warhol

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