The Top 10 Works from ArtRio

Artsy Editorial
Sep 11, 2013 2:44PM

“ArtRio has become an international platform to absorb and spread art and provide freshness and innovation to Brazilian galleries, institutions, and collectors.” —ArtRio director Brenda Valansi

From the biggest names of the 20th century—think Picasso, Richter, Oiticica—to some of the hottest young contemporary Latin American artists, we present the ten most popular works from last week’s third installment (and first on Artsy) of ArtRio.

10. Gerhard Richter, STRIP (II) (2013)

9. Carlos Cruz-Diez, Physicromie 554 (1971)

8. Rodrigo Oliveira, Untitled

7. Hélio Oiticica, Metaesquema (1958)

6. Laurent Chehere, Flying Houses #5 (2012)

5. Iván Navarro, Post (2013)

4. Pedro Varela, Sem título (2012)

3. Adriana Duque, Maria 09 (2011)

2. Pablo Picasso, Buste d’homme (autoportrait) (1965)

1. Os Gêmeos, Sem titulo / Untitled (2012)

Artsy Editorial