The Top 6 Galleries at Art Los Angeles Contemporary, So Far

Our exclusive preview of L.A.’s biggest art fair brings together nearly 400 works from 50 exhibitors. With so much to choose from, we thought we’d offer some guidance—in the form of the most viewed exhibitors so far.
6. Josh Lilley, with a booth full of ’s tortured, eerily suggestive abstract paintings on wood panel.
5. Altman Siegel, showing the full range of their international roster, including textural paintings by and and quirky sculptures by .
4. Paradise Row, devoting their booth to , a British artist who works in an unpredictable mélange of practically every medium.
3. David Kordanksy Gallery, mounting a solo exhibition of ’s craggy, unsettling ceramics hand painted in acrylic.
2. David Castillo Gallery, with a technicolor suite of paintings by , a sculptor-turned-textile artist-turned bold, mixed-media painter.
1. Ana Cristea Gallery, with a booth full of oil paintings by emerging talents , , , and .